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Handmade with Love for a Naturally Beautiful You

Ever wondered if you could bottle Joy?

Then you have to meet Ginger Fortune.

This dynamic, fun loving spirit born in Brooklyn, New York to Trinidadian parents, encompasses art, beauty, culture and family in every modicum of her spirit.
She is a creative force to be reckoned with as well as a Mom, business owner and natural living advocate wrapped up in magic.
Raised by an artist Father and financial advisor Mom, she was encouraged to explore art in its various forms and delved into entrepreneurship at an early age.
Growing up in her Carribean household taught her the importance of using natural ingredients to care for and heal the skin and body.
This made starting her own natural health and beauty business a no brainer.
Ginger has a passion for uplifting women which led to developing a spin off to her cosmetic line called Ginger Beauty World Wide; a global direct sales movement with the goal of creating positive change and the gain of financial independence for women around the world.
Guided by faith and her belief that "Life unfolds as it's supposed to if we live it as we're supposed to", Ginger's ultimate goal is to use her life as an example to help other's see the importance of getting past the burdens that we may face in life and choosing health and happiness over all.

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